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About Word Counter

From essays to web pages, from Twitter to articles, from Facebook to posts… word count (and character count) is an important thing of your content.

Obviously, it’s not practical to count every word manually in a lengthy document. Luckily, Web Price Calculator provides the Word Count Checker tool, completely free & easy to use, that quickly tells you the total number of words in your content. Simply paste the text and hit enter let the tool do all the work.

When we talk about website content or blog articles, we should know that there is no magical number or quota that increases your changes of ranking on the front page of Google search results. There is a common misconception that useful articles must be a minimum of  words, but this is simply not the case.

In fact, shorter can be more valuable. It may be a challenge to compose a shorter line of text that follows the character limitation on Twitter, but that’s what makes each tweet more valuable. When it comes to web content, one should never take 400 words to say what could be said in 150 words. You can use this word count checker appropriately for what it is designed to do.

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