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About Screen Resolution Simulator

This is a free SEO tool which helps you to simulate the screen resolution of your web page on a variety of platforms. With this tool you can easily figure out if the screen resolution of your website is good enough to be used under various platforms. Now a day’s website can be accessed from various platforms like mobile phones, tabs, Personal computers, etc. So, it’s necessary to make sure the resolution of a website is prefect in all the platforms. So, Responsive checker tool is used by the website owners to adjust the screen resolution of a website on different platforms while designing web page.

How to use responsive checker tool?

To use this tool, a user needs to enter the details of the domain name and the tool will show the resolution of a website. If the user found wrong appearance with the resolution, then he could change HTML code for right appearance in that resolution & can further use the tool for testing.

Most of viewers traffic comes from the mobile phone & tab these days because of the coming up of smart phones. So, it’s very essential to focus on the mobile version of a website

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