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About URL Encoder / Decoder

Uniform Resource Locators Specification accepts only a small set of character for URL writing. With the help of this tool one can write URLs that confirm to the standard specified by URL (RFC 1738). This tool encodes or decodes a URL so that it becomes URL (RFC 1738) compliant. The characters which do not go by the standard are replaced by % and hexadecimal number of 2 digits present in the ISO set of characters. This tool is used freely to decode as well as encode URLs. To use this tool, enter the details of the URL and the tool will encode as well as decode the URL.

URL encoding or decoding is necessary sometimes when user enters the URL but servers will not understand the web address. So, by encoding the URL the servers will be able to understand the web address. Similarly decoding URL address given by web server will be understandable to user.

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