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About Server Status Checker

This tool helps you to find whether the status of your web server. All the users need to do is enter the name of domain or sub domain, to check the status of your website. Users can input Max. 100 URLs at one go, all in separate lines. The main parts of website’s server status are:-

  1. HTTP Code: - This is response code for requesting HTTP web page. So this code has following classes:-

           o   For Success response of request 2xx. Code 200 for OK, 201 for CREATED , 202 for Accepted , 203 for Partial Information, 204 for No Response

           o    Redirection 3xx:- All 3xx series indicate action to be taken (normally automatically) by the client in order to fulfil the request.

           o   Error 4xx, 5xx:- All 4xx codes indicate the client seems to have erred and all 5xx indicate the server seems to have erred.

      2.  Response Time: - This time shows how fast your server is responded for web page request. It is mentioned in Seconds. Low value is considered as good response time.

      3. Status: - This status indicates the online/offline condition of web server. Online status means the website is working properly and any internet user can access, whereas offline status means there is some problem with the website and the website cannot be accessed by users.

This tool must be used at regular intervals as the website server can be down anytime which affect the visitors. So, by using this tool a website owner can keep a regular eye on the website status and take immediate actions whenever the website status comes down.

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