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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Some IP addresses are blocked by search engines because of its suspicious activity or safety issues. If your website is placed on shared hosting blocked IP address then the search engines might block your website too. Like website is on a shared hosting with the porn site or suspicious site, the website will be automatically blocked by the search engines. So, it is good to check which websites are shared with your website IP address. If any blocked websites or unsecured IP addresses are sharing your address, then it’s necessary to change your hosting as soon as possible. To get the list of website hosted with your website on same IP address, you can use IP domain checker tool.

IP domain checker tool is a very useful SEO tool for website owners at starting phase. It allows website owner’s to makes sure only the secure websites are sharing with his website address. So that he can change his hosting plan or change web hosting to make your website safer and secure for the visitors.

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