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About Web Page Size Checker Tool

This is Webpage related SEO tool which help you to check the size of your page in bytes. This will ensure that your pages load faster or not. If the pages in your website contain heavy html or JavaScript entity like videos, audio, graphics images and flash, then your webpage will not load quickly. By knowing the current page size you can limit it or else get another host which provides you enough space to get faster load time. Since, people don’t have patience to wait for slow loading pages, so this tool is good in lowering high bounce rates.

A user can further use this information to adjust the size of a webpage by editing some media to another webpage whose size is less as compared to the current webpage.

Page checker tool is the most important SEO tool and can’t be avoided by a website owner as most of the viewer traffic is dependent on it. If the bounce rate is high, the visitor traffic will reduce and if it is low then the traffic will increase. With the increasing popularity and viewer’s traffic on the website, the SEO rankings will definitely go up

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