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About Keyword Position Checker

When you post article for a blog or a website then you need to make sure that sufficient amount of keywords are used. The number of times a keyword repeats on the website or blog is called as keyword density. Google has strict policy related to keyword density and websites which try to add irrelevant keywords in article or post and that too much repetition are penalized.

For example, if you are writing an article or blog & want to place a particular keyword then you should keep in mind that the keyword should not be repeated again and again. If you want to calculate the exact keyword density then it is good to use online keyword density tools. This automatic tool make it easier to get detail report of keyword density because it become little difficult to calculate the keyword manually and it is quite time consuming.

Our keyword density checker tool gives accurate results

Our expert’s team always try to come up with unique and innovative tools and our main motto is to make sure that we are able to provide excellent SEO tools to website owners & SEO. We have designed and developed keyword density checker tool to give accurate results. Moreover, we only make a tool live after proper testing. Another best part about our keyword density tool is that it gives precise results within few seconds. All you need to do is to enter the domain name and click submit button. Then you can analyze these results so that you can make improvements for better search engine rankings.

Following Improvements can be done by analyzing the result:-

  • Proper Placing of Keywords
  • Make the high density keyword paragraph to low density by scattering the keywords.
  • Analyse the primary keywords (primary keyword should be used in the title and the first paragraph of the content)
  • It can analyze the forceful stuffing of keywords.

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