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Search Engine Indexing: The First and Most Important Step of SEO

06/17/2016 8:00 PM by Admin in Search engine optimization

Search Engine Indexing: The First and Most Important Step of SEO

As a website owner, you can submit your website to search engines (Google, Bing, Ask, etc). By submitting your website to search engines, you will be reaching out to billions of internet users.

I have done it very first as my website was uploaded on the server and you must do that too.

Before learning how to submit your website to search engines, you must know how a search engine process your website, which will give you a fair idea of how your website will get top position on the search engine result page.

Search Engines have two major functions  :-

Search Engine Indexing & Crawling

Seach engine indexing is a process of storing all web contents(web pages,images,pdf documents,etc.) in its database with the very managed way so that these content could fetch up the relevance web contents very fast on searching with keyword phrases .

Crawling is a process of in which search engine inspects changes in your websites links and its contents and decides how many web pages to be saved.

Important points related to Search engine Indexing & Crawling :-

  • Indexing is done by a web crawler (Google has Googlebot as crawler, Similarly all have their web crawler )
  • Web crawler decides which sites to inspect (changes in website content and dead links), how often and how many web contents to be saved.
  • Every search engine has its unique indexing algorithm
  • Around trillions of web contents are stored in google search engine database .


Crawling & Indexing Process :-

Crawling & Indexing Process

Searching Process:-

Searching Process

Crawling, indexing & searching process is depending on following factors:

  • The popularity of web page (Maximum times clicked on this website link that appears on the search result with particular keywords).
  • The relevance of web page with that keyword searched.
  • Mostly searched and clicked web pages on the particular location (like countries,city,etc) (Different location will give different web search result).


So if your website's all web pages are included in search engine database, then your chances are more to get good position on search result page.

Why am I telling you that ?

Simple Answer :-  Web crawler wants only quality content regularly and  that is why it checks regularly for any update to your website on the basis of your sitemap.xml.

Now next questions will come to your mind:-

  1. What is sitemap.xml ?
  2. How to tell web crawler about your website's web contents and which web pages to be indexed?

Sitemap is a file with XML type file format which contains your whole website's web contents information in XML language.

Search engines robots (Googlebot, Bing bot, Yahoo bot, etc) understand the content written in file Sitemap.xml for indexing all of your web pages.

For the beginner, It's very important for him to learn how to add website's sitemap.xml and how to submit all its web contents properly.

So, before I moved ahead with this tutorial, make sure you have accounts of every search engines webmaster tool, else you can create one from here :

How to add Sitemap XML file to Google Search Engine ?

First of all, you must log into google webmaster account

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