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About Blacklist Lookup

This toll will help you to check if your IP address is present on spam database servers. All internet service providers and web servers consult the spam lists to identify the blacklisted websites. It does not mean that your website have concerned with unwanted activity. It may be that your web server assigned the IP address to your website was associated with spamming. An IP address that is blacklisted can get blocked and appear in all spam database servers.

So, it is necessary to check whether your IP address is blacklisted or not with the help of this tool.

Why a website owner should use blacklist lookup checker tool?

Whenever a website get declared as spam, then its IP address is also blacklisted by the all search engines for security reasons. Main reason behind blocking the website is to make sure no virus affects the visitor’s device. Usually Website owner does not have any information regarding spamming nature of his website IP address. Due to this visitor traffic may reduce day by day & this cause a major loss to the website popularity. To overcome this problem, blacklist lookup SEO checker tool is best way to know all information regarding blacklist nature of website. This will help you to take correct step to remove your IP address from the blacklist file.

By this way the user will get rid of a spam issue and also return to the same track of its popularity

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